Plein Air painting is not the means to the end, it’s a journey.  It’s how one starts the process, a tool that may end up as only a sketch or a study, it is a fragment of what a painting may become… a journey. Follow us on our journey as we explore the possibilities and stretch our creative souls. – NCPAP

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Our Sierra backyard paint out

We had a great day plein air painting and the best part of the day was knowing that this Sierra jewel is so close to home and there are hundreds of painting spots… come join us for another paint out.


Award for Composition in OPA

I get the updates to the Oil Painter of America winners and this artist I had to share; TJ Cunningham won the award for best composition.  His way of pulling you into his painting by every placement of shape, color, value and line was brilliant! Could be any river or creek in our area. A clear challenge to all of us to better our own compositions! Love to hear your comments and thoughts…